How to Create Logo in Photoshop

How to Create Logo in Photoshop

Step by Step Photoshop Logo Tutorial


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Following is the steps to design a logo in Photoshop - 

Note -
This part is a logo design tutorial based on Photoshop CC. If you've installed other versions of Photoshop, no worry! PS shortcuts remain the same, and these steps will be roughly alike. Let's enjoy the journey of Photoshop logo and make a coffee logo as our tutorial.


1.Consistency - Make sure audiences perceive your logo and brand the same.

When people see a new logo, they will think of your consistent services, quality and vision. Never vary logo design greatly from your used logo. Or it may appear untrusted to your customers, somehow.

2.Easy to Memorize - Make logo catchy.

Typically, we all have a short-term memory. Putting too much information into logo design won't be a wise option.

3.Recognizable - Make the logo unique.

It's essential to guarantee the logo design is unique. Don't try letting your audiences to recall your logo design. They just don't have that patience.

4.Realistic - Ensure logo graphics is related to your service.

Use graphics similar to the symbols in the same category. Don't use some abstract graphics in the logo, or no one will know what it represents.

5.Pleasing Vision Experience - Ensure that customers have a better user experience when viewing your logo.

Competing your competitors in vision enjoyment of logo is a great leap toward dominating the market share. Who will say "No" to a service that brings them happiness and solves their problems?

6.A Sense of Obtaining - Make users feel something fresh and that they can't agree more. Give free reins to their imagination.

Steps -

Step 1: Instance A Background Layer.

Open PS CC, and hit [Create New]. Alternatively, keystroke [Ctrl] + N. Enter the name of your logo project, along with the width and height. Usually, we set width to 1920 px and height to 1080 px. But you are free to input your wanted logo size here. Choose a background color, like 8A7139, for your logo and click [Create].

Step 2: Select the color - Select the background color witch is you like. then follow the all Video's Steps for create your own logo design

Words In The End

Photoshop can help you design a logo successfully....

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